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All on 4, All on 6 and All on 8

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Quite a few clients of Belarusian dental clinics come with the problem of lack of all teeth (or most of them). Teeth must be restored - and this is not only for the sake of psychological calmness and aesthetics, but also for the opportunity to eat fully, restore proper functioning of the dental system and eliminate wrinkles in the mouth.

Dentists today have the opportunity to solve the problem of missing teeth by different methods - from the installation of removable prostheses to implantation and prosthetics in a fixed way. The client has the right to choose the ideal variant for him with regard to price, quality, aesthetic appearance and reliability. For example, All-on-4 and All-on-6 technologies have become particularly popular.

Each technology has its own peculiarities. We will tell you what nuances each method has and what is better to give preference to.

Immediate load - what is it and if it is not dangerous

Immediate load is a technology in which implants fixed in bone tissue can be loaded only a few days after the procedure.

Many people do not understand why other technologies require a long period of implant placement, and here you can immediately load the bone. There are several reasons for this:

  • The prosthesis connects all implants into a single system: they do not move and can easily merge with the bone tissue;
  • The chewing load gives the bones the necessary pressure, the metabolic processes are restored, the cells are saturated with nutrients and the regeneration process is faster;
  • The implants, thanks to their construction, use denser bone layers that are not thinned out.

The "all by four" and "all by six" protocols are used when:

  • All teeth are missing,
  • Most teeth are missing,
  • Bone tissue is somewhat atrophied.

The bone loses volume when the tooth has fallen out and has not been replaced by a prosthesis for a year or two or more. The bone is not stressed and begins to thin out. A distinction is made between a small, moderate degree of atrophy and an acute defect.

All-on-4 dental implantation

The name of the method suggests that four implants - artificial roots - will be used to support a fixed prosthesis and placed in the bone tissue. Two implants are placed in the frontal area, the other two - from the sides at an angle in the area where the most dense and sufficient bone tissue areas are located - in the 5-6th teeth.

The advantages of this method are: a small number of implants, the possibility of immediate prosthetics, rapid restoration of aesthetic comfort and performance of new teeth.

Disadvantages of the technology: in case of atrophy of the lateral areas, dentists have to shift the position of implants closer to the front teeth. As a result, the side area is not loaded properly, the bone continues to atrophy and the prostheses have to be corrected periodically. Therefore, the "all by four" method is better to use when the bone thinning is insignificant.

All-On-6 implantation

This technology was developed on the basis of the previous method, only in this case six implants are used.

Two implants are placed in the frontal area and two in each side area. The number of supports is increasing, which means that the prosthesis will be more securely fastened and the bone tissue will be evenly loaded on all areas.

The peculiarity of the 6-point technology is that in the first method the implants consisting of two parts were used, the single-component implants with special thread and shape are also used here.

The implants are placed deep in the bone, "touching" the bone of the cheekbone and the skull lines. The design of the implants is strong and the materials are sterile. Therefore, this technology can be used to treat teeth even in case of periodontal inflammation.

All on 6 surgery is possible even with significant bone atrophy, because only the central bone is thinned with prolonged tooth loss, and the depths reached by the implant remain dense and voluminous.

Another advantage of the method is that the implants are lightweight and do not require gingival detachment or suturing. The gums are pierced and the implant is screwed into the bone like a screwdriver. The prosthesis can be inserted for 2-3 days.

Comparison of All-on-4 and All-on-6 techniques:



When used

- When all the teeth are missing;

- When all diseased teeth are extracted at the same time;

Bone volume requirements

Sufficient volume or slight atrophy

Mid-stage atrophy

Can be used for periodontitis and periodontal disease



Number of implants



Tissue damage during surgery

Significant, requires suturing

Insignificant, no suturing required.

How do implants fit

In the central bone region.

In deep bone regions with cheekbone and jawbone




Which technology is better: All ON 4 or ALL ON 6

Both protocols are actively used in Belarusian clinics. The choice depends on the specific conditions: the client's clinical picture. For example, if a patient used removable prostheses earlier years, his bone tissue is strongly atrophied, which excludes the possibility of All-on-4 surgery. If the quality of the bone is good and its volume is sufficient, it is possible to place the denture on four supports - they will be enough to restore the work of the tooth system.

It is impossible to say which method is the best - each of them should be considered in certain conditions.

To find out which method is right for you, you need to do a CT scan, determine the bone density and volume, and consult your dentist.

Director of our company Dmitry Vladimirovich Kamenkov is a dentist-orthopedist of the highest qualification category. Therefore, he like no one else knows a lot about dentistry and all its subtleties. And we offer you to use only the services of proven dental clinics

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