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Knee arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is a modern atraumatic method of joint diseases treatment. This method allows a surgeon to watch all of the joint structures and to correct them, but without using huge incisions as it was before, so it’s improving the process of regeneration and rehabilitation. This surgery allows to get rid of pain and discomort in joint during walking, daily life and even sport activities. This manipulation means that microinstrument and microcamera are inserted into the joint cavity, so surgeon can see and correct deformations of the elements of the knee joint. One of the main advantages is a great cosmetic effect after this kind of surgery, because it doesn’t let scars to form on a skin.


  • Meniscus trauma
  • Cruciate and other ligaments lesions
  • Chronic instability of a knee
  • Baker’s cyst
  • Chondromalation of a patella
  • Osteoarthritis of a knee joint

    Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament

    Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most frequent injuries of the knee joint, which often violates the quality of life of a person due to instability of the joint. Most often occurs in athletes, in people that follow an active lifestyle. The function of the anterior cruciate ligament is to limit the displacement of the lower leg anteriorly, so that when it is damaged, the symptom of a “drawer” occurs, excessive movement in the joint appears, the knee pops up. As a result menisci and other elements of the joint are constantly getting injured, pain occurs, and arthrosis of the joint appears.

    To restore the integrity of the anterior cruciate ligament arthroscopic plastic reconstruction is performed. To do this, the surgeon gets into the patient’s knee joint through single small approaches, places a mini-camera and an instrument inside of the joint, visualizes the ligament and replaces it with patient’s own tendon. Thus, stability in the joint is achieved, which allows the patient to quickly return to a full life

    Meniscus injury

    Meniscus injury is the most common knee joint disease. Meniscus is a kind of cartilage shock absorber between the thigh and lower leg, so this structure is constantly affected by body weight and does not allow the joint to be damaged. There are two of them in the knee: external and internal.They can be damaged both as a result of direct injury, and as a result of various diseases, age-related changes, obesity.

    In case of meniscus ruptures, a patient experiences pain when moving in the knee joint, the range of motion becomes limited (in some cases, the joints can be blocked). Also person feels damaged meniscus elements as a foreign body injuring the joint surfaces and accelerating the appearance of arthrosis.

    This case requires various methods of treatment, depending on a type of damage and it’s degree. In rare cases, meniscus transplantation is suggested, but the common and successful methods are meniscus suturing and partial resection of a meniscus. The treatment is performed by using an arthroscopic surgery method, when the orthopedist eliminates joint problems through small incisions on the skin, so it helps patient to recover quickly without any scars and other spots on a skin.

    Baker's cyst

    Baker's cyst is an accumulation of synovial fluid in the popliteal fossa (behind the knee). The synovial fluid is necessary for us for the proper interaction of the articular surfaces, painless movement and for reducing the risk of joint trauma. However, there are conditions when this fluid begins to product itself a lot and breaks out from the joint through its damaged elements such as joint capsule. Baker's cyst often accompanies injuries of the knee joint so it is both a symptom of inflammatory diseases and old injuries (menisci, ligaments, etc).

    With the accumulation of synovial fluid in the popliteal fossa, a person pays attention to discomfort during movement, pain, numbness of the leg, the joint also can be blocked as a result of the disease. Baker’s cyst can cause complications, such as its rupture or infection.

    Cyst puncture is a temporary method of solving the problem. The only proven and effective option is an arthroscopic surgery of the knee joint, because it is necessary to correct intraarticular changes.

    Valgus knee deformity

    Valgus knee deformity is a special type of X-shaped leg curvature that occurs in both adults and children. In this situation, the reasons should be divided by age.

    In children, the causes of this deformation are different conditions, such as problems of metabolic processes in the body (hormonal background, the exchange of vitamin D and calcium), diseases of the nervous system, taking some of drugs, and others.

    In adults, the most common cause is obesity, osteoarthrosis of the knee joint, chronic injuries of the ligamentous apparatus.

    The disease progresses over time, so that the symptoms increase and change in intensity: the angle of deformation increases, the range of motion decreases, the pain becomes stronger, fractures and dislocations of the joint can occur and lead to deforming osteoarthrosis.

    Leg realignment in adults is performed simply with the help of corrective osteotomy. As for children, there are more options for treatment, sometimes it is not even required. It is worth to start treatment as early as possible to avoid prosthetics surgery.

    Knee osteoarthritis

    Knee osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that leads to disability. Under the influence of such causes as joint injuries, obesity, rheumatic diseases, congenital disorders, age factor, hormonal changes in women. The configuration of the cartilage changes, it becomes thinner and ceases to perform its functions (shock absorbing, free interaction of joint surfaces). As the disease develops, the bone under the thin cartilage begins to grow apart and restrict mobility because of joint space narrowing, the pain in knee occurs even during casual activities. Osteoarthritis is a disabling condition, so it requires attention.

    There are methods that can slow down the development of osteoarthritis, such as PRP-therapy, but their use is acceptable in the early stages of the disease.

    The main treatment for this pathology is knee arthroplasty. Installation of an endoprosthesis allows to instantly return the possibility to move freely without pain.

    Shoulder arthroscopy

    Shoulder arthroscopy is the main way to treat shoulder diseases. Shoulder joint, being very active, is often traumatized, which instantly reduces the quality of life, as even everyday actions are difficult to achieve with trauma, and to adapt to them is extremely difficult. The main muscles that drive the joint are subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor muscles, their tendons together form the shoulder rotator cuff. The injury of one of them immediately affects the life of a person. The use of arthroscopic surgery allows you to correct their integrity and return to the person the ability to move his hand painlessly again for returning into sports and normal daily life. During the operation, the affected muscles are attached with special anchors through millimeter holes, thus returning the joint the ability to move in full again, without leaving any cosmetic deformations.


    • Rotator cuff tears
    • Impingement syndrome
    • Shoulder instability
    • "Frozen shoulder" (adhesive capsulitis)
    • Instability of the long biceps head tendon
    • SLAP syndrome
    • Bankart and Hill Sachs lesions
    • Chronic joint pain
    • Osteoarthitis of a shoulder joint


    • Infections of the joint and skin
    • Joint ankilosis
    • Paralysis and limb paresis
    • Severe somatic pathology
    • Diseases in the acute phase


    After the operation, there may be a slight pain and discomfort, but it can happen after any operation and is very easy to eliminate.

    Arthroscopy of the ankle joint

    Arthroscopy of the ankle joint is an important minimally invasive method in the treatment of diseases in this area. This joint is subject to constant weight stress and is therefore prone to frequent injury, and injuries in this area have a significant impact on the quality of life. Arthroscopic treatment of ankle diseases is performed by producing micro incisions for access to the joint, into which an optical tool is inserted and the necessary manipulations are performed.


    • Joint pain
    • Chronic lateral instability
    • Ligament lacerations on the ankle
    • Clicking in the joint
    • Dissecting osteochondritis
    • Osteoarthritis of an ankle joint


    • Infections in the ankle region
    • Severe somatic pathology
    • Diseases in the acute phase
    • Paralysis and limb paresis

    Complications are minimized since the postoperative period is fully controlled by the attending physician, and there are practically no complications after this procedure.

    The Hallux Valgus

    The Hallux Valgus is a condition in which the thumb of the foot is deflected from the outside. More often this condition occurs in women due to a number of specific reasons, one of which is wearing high heels a lot. It manifests in transverse flat feet, rheumatoid arthritis, genetic predisposition.

    Very often Hallux Valgus does not show itself in any way, but over time the deformation increases, because the foot is constantly under the pressure of patient's own body weight and there is pain, the joints of the foot are affected, eventually it becomes problematic to choose shoes for everyday walking, while the foot loses its aesthetic appearance, which is important.

    Hallux Valgus is usually treated surgically. During surgery, the doctor makes a small incision in the skin, reaches the joint capsule and further corrects the deformation to achieve optimal functional and aesthetic relations of the foot bones. Then the cosmetic suture is applied and the operation is completed, so that in the end we have an excellent result and a beautiful foot.

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