Endocrinology in Belarus


Category: Medical service

The field of activity of an endocrinologist is the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases related to the endocrine system. The doctor treats both the disease itself and its consequences. Thus, correct and timely treatment will restore normal metabolism, correct hormonal balance, eliminate actual sexual dysfunctions, etc.

Pediatric endocrinology

Pediatric endocrinologist identifies and solves problems that appear in the process of child growth and sexual development.

Doctors at the clinics we work with will make the right diagnosis at an early stage of the disease and select the optimal course of treatment.

Write to us! We will advise you in detail, find an excellent specialist for your child, register for necessary examinations (ultrasound, MRI, CT, etc.) and organize a comfortable stay in Belarus during treatment and recreation!

The price for medical services will not increase for you - we do not make markups!

Adult endocrinology

  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus
  • Treatment of obesity,
  • Treatment of hypertension,
  • Examination and treatment of thyroid diseases,
  • Hypothalamus,
  • The pituitary gland,
  • Pancreas,
  • The adrenal gland,
  • Pineal body.

Call us! We organize for you a comprehensive study of hormonal background, biochemical, ultrasound, consultation with endocrinologist.

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