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Dental prosthetics

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Prosthetics helps fill the gap in the tooth row. A prosthesis is an artificial tooth that is similar in appearance and function to a natural one.

Prices for prosthetics in Minsk are much lower than in other European countries. The cost consists of several components: the price of materials used, payment for the work of the dentist-therapist, orthodontist and dental technician, who will produce the crown.

The solution to the problem of missing a tooth should not be put off "for later". Because of the cavities in the tooth row it is difficult to chew food, which causes the development of gastrointestinal diseases; other teeth are displaced, trying to occupy an empty space, lose stability and become loose.

All this leads to new dental problems - the treatment is delayed and requires additional costs.

Therefore, it is important to consult the dentist as soon as possible to avoid complications. Prosthetics of teeth in Minsk allows to replace the fallen tooth with an artificial one so that it will be visually indistinguishable from the natural one and is able to fully bear the load.

Removable prosthetics of teeth in Minsk

A fixed prosthesis is the filling of dental cavities by fitting a fixed prosthesis - one that the customer wears without having to remove. The prosthesis is firmly attached to the remaining part of the tooth or to the implant (the artificial root of the tooth, which is implanted in the bone).

The good thing about fixed prosthetics is that once you take your time with your teeth, you don't have to think about dental problems anymore. An artificial tooth is as natural as possible, it does not react to hot and sweet, looks delicious and does not require a long time of addiction.

A crowns

A crown is an artificial tooth, or some part of it, that is attached to the remaining tooth remainder or, in the case of complete tooth loss, is placed on a pre-installed implant.

In Belarus, prosthetics of teeth is especially developed, dentistry in the country works with all kinds of crowns.

Zirconium crowns. Instead of a metal frame, zirconium dioxide is used here, which is stronger than steel, but more hypoallergenic and aesthetic.

The artificial tooth created by this technology is indistinguishable from the present and can create the effect of a Hollywood smile.

The zirconium crown is suitable for those who are allergic to metal, as well as those who want to stop thinking about dental problems for years to come.

This is an expensive prosthesis, which pays for itself by the length of service. The cost of prosthetics in Minsk with a zirconium crown is about $250.

Ceramic metal crowns. This is a durable type of prosthesis, which consists of a metal frame with ceramic coating. This type of prosthesis is most often used in the restoration of chewing teeth, for which the main thing is strength, not aesthetics. The problem is that the metal frame can "shine" through the ceramics - that's why dentists use metal-free or zirconium-free crowns to treat teeth in the smile zone.

The price for a metal-ceramic crown in Belarus is about $80.

Metal-free crowns. These are all-ceramic prostheses with high aesthetics and low abrasion resistance. The artificial tooth made of ceramic material is as similar as possible to the real tooth.

The prices for this kind of prosthetics in Minsk are comparable to the cost of zirconium crowns - $250.


A bridge is used if one or three teeth fall out in a row. The teeth adjacent to the cavities on both sides must be healthy and strong, as they will be the basis for the construction.

A bridge is a system of several artificial teeth, which is attached to the nearest healthy teeth.

Also in Belarus, the way of fixing bridges on implants implanted in bone tissue is common.

How to use the services of Belarusian dental clinics

Dental centers in Belarus are happy to treat foreign clients. Whether it is public or private clinics - the level of service and quality of treatment at a high level (positive feedback), and prices are several times lower than in Russian and European dentistry.

So what can we do to sign up for prosthetics in Belarus in a quality clinic and make sure we don't fail?

Write to us via the online form or call us at the numbers given in the header of the site (there are Viber and WhatsApp);

Tell us about your problem;

Attach a panoramic teeth X-ray or 3D tomography;

Get a detailed treatment plan with a description of the cost and timing;

Choose the desired date and come to the prosthetics. We will advise you on legal and organizational matters (visa support, transfer, accommodation, organization of excursions and rest).

Our politics:

  • No consulting fees
  • We do not charge extra for medical services - you pay for treatment at the clinic's cashier's office
  • We select a proven clinic and a professional doctor for you
  • If desired, we are ready to provide additional medical services - diagnosis of the entire body, sanatorium treatment, etc.
  • We organize treatment
  • Stay in touch with you for the duration of your stay in Belarus

Dental prosthetics in Belarus is profitable, even taking into account the cost of travel and accommodation!

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