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Implants are a great way to get a beautiful smile back

The loss of one or more teeth not only affects the aesthetics and comfort of chewing food, but also the condition of healthy teeth. The load on the neighbouring teeth increases, and if the problem is not solved in time, the bone tissue in the area where the tooth is missing becomes thinner. There is a way out - dental implantation.

This is a procedure involving the placement of a dental implant and the further placement of a crown or bridge on it.

A dental implant looks like a tooth root. It serves as a support for the crown or bridge. The implant is made of titanium, a strong biocompatible material. The part has a thread and a rough surface for better adhesion to the bone.

Why not tighten with implantation

In the place of a lost tooth, the bone tissue quickly thinns, making it difficult (or impossible) to place implants. For this reason, it is recommended that you consult your dentist in a timely manner if you lose a tooth. How the dental implant procedure works

All manipulation is almost painless - under the influence of anesthesia the patient will not feel unpleasant sensations.

Initially the preparation is carried out.

  • Collection of data on the state of health,
  • Panoramic picture,
  • 3D tomography of the tooth and jaw system to assess the volume of bone tissue, predict the outcome of the operation.

The implants are then placed.

  • A small gingival section is performed,
  • There's a hollow in the bone,
  • An implant is inserted into the niche.

After that, prosthetics is possible.

  • Impressions of the area to be prosthetized are made, according to the shape and color of the crown, similar to the patient's own teeth,
  • The crown is placed on the implant.

Prosthetics can be performed either immediately after implantation (earlier prosthetics) or after 3-6 months (delayed prosthetics).

Implanting in a case of one tooth absence

One implant is placed in place of the lost tooth and the crown is subsequently "put on". The crown is made in such a way that its color coincides with the adjacent teeth, and the shape of the lost tooth corresponds to the correct form of the lost tooth.

Implanting in a case of several teeth absence

In a case of several consecutive teeth absence, a more effective solution is to install several implants and then place a bridge on them. Thus, the chewing load will be evenly distributed and the bone and adjacent teeth will remain intact.

Implantation with no teeth at all

In this case, several dental implants are placed with a gap between them, after which removable or fixed structures and bridges are placed on them. The load is distributed evenly across the entire jaw, which prevents bone resorption and minimizes the discomfort of wearing the denture. Modern All-on-4 or All-on-6 implantation methods are suitable in the absence of teeth

What are the good implants for?

  • A natural load on the bone is created, which eliminates bone deformation and atrophy,
  • Artificial teeth look and feel like their own, there is no discomfort and feeling of an alien object in the mouth,
  • The implant prevents healthy teeth from shifting,
  • Own teeth become more durable as they are no longer subject to additional stress,
  • With proper care, the implants will serve you for more than a decade.

How to care for implants

Implants, as well as personal teeth, require proper care and attention. To ensure that your implants last as long as possible, you need to floss and brush more often. The use of an irrigator, which effectively removes food remains where a normal toothbrush cannot reach, will also help to prolong the service life.

You should also see your dentist regularly to examine your implants and teeth.

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