Dentistry in Belarus


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Dentistry is one of the most advanced fields in Belarusian medicine. The popularity of dental clinics in Belarus is conditioned not only by the pleasant price, but also by the wide range of services in dental treatment, and the good equipment of clinics with modern equipment and high qualification of doctors.

We cooperate only with those clinics providing dental services, which are notable for professionalism of the staff, quality work and good technical equipment.

The director of our company Dmitry Vladimirovich Kamenkov is a dentist-orthopedist of the highest qualification category, that is why he like no one else knows a lot about dentistry and all its subtleties. And that is why we offer you to use only the services of proven dental clinics.

Dental plan services provided

  • Dental therapy, canal management, X-ray diagnostics;
  • Classic (two-stage) dental implantation;
  • Basal (one-stage) dental implantation;
  • All types of dental prosthetics;
  • Aesthetic reconstruction of teeth;
  • Pediatric dentistry.

Why Belarus?

Medicine in "Belarus" is famous, first of all, for its low price. However, many foreigners are scared by too low cost compared to their local rates. The difference in 1.5-2 times is conditioned by the fact that clinics are exclusively centered on the Belarusian consumer, whose purse is much thinner than the wallets of the neighbors. However, the affordable price does not affect the quality of services - dentistry in Belarus corresponds to the level of Europe.

How to treat teeth in Belarus?

  • You come to us, we consult you, answer your questions;
  • We select a clinic for you, inform you about the duration of treatment, methodology and cost;
  • You come to Minsk, we meet you, arrange accommodation, treatment, excursions and walks at will. We are in touch with you around the clock and always ready to help.
  • You undergo treatment and pay for medical services in the cash desk of the clinic;
  • At the end of the treatment we organize a transfer to the station/airport.

No worries - we take care of everything!

Treat your teeth with pleasure and at a good price in Belarus!

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