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Cosmetology takes progressive steps, and now it can be used to remove serious skin imperfections, restore health, correct birth defects, prolong youth and restore former beauty.

All this is possible to do in Belarus - medicine and, in particular, cosmetology services are developed here. Famous people come here, signing up for photorejuvenation, treatment of age spots and facial cleansing.

Types of cosmetic services

There are three types of cosmetic services by exposure method:

  • Injection services. Injections help to remove wrinkles, prolong youthfulness, restore skin elasticity and correct aesthetic defects. Advantages of injection cosmetology - no need for surgery and rapid rehabilitation after recovery;
  • aesthetic. Aesthetic cosmetology cleans, restores and rejuvenates the skin with the help of intensive care programs, application of care products, massages and peelings;
  • Hardware room. This is a progressive field of cosmetology, which restores an attractive appearance with the help of special devices - lasers, lights and microdermatological devices.

What cosmetic services Minsk offers

More and more often citizens of neighboring countries come to Belarus for the secret of youth. New cosmetology centers with advanced equipment, experienced specialists and prices for services are being opened in Minsk, which are 2 or more times lower than in Russia and Europe.

The secret of low cost lies not in hidden payments or low quality - this is the case in Belarus - but in the solvency of the population. Belarusians can't boast of the size of their salaries, while the centers of cosmetology form prices for their services with a glance at the financial capabilities of their clients - Minskers and other residents of synoeca.

Beneficial for Russians and Europeans cosmetology in Belarus

Injecting procedures in Minsk are in demand:

  • Placental therapy. The main active ingredient is placenta hydrolysate, obtained by nanotechnology. This biocide, created by Japanese scientists, is injected into tissues and activates cellular repair processes. Placenta nutrients start the process of renewal. The result is a solution to both local problems and common problems. Healthy skin, improved nail condition, cosmetic recovery, elimination of chronic fatigue - the results of the procedure.
  • Plasmotherapy. Plasma therapy means enriching plasma with platelets. Platelets contain proteins, vitamins, glucose and hormones that trigger the process of rejuvenation. Plasmotherapy cures acne, improves skin condition and activates regeneration processes in the body.
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis. Cosmetology today solves even the problems of heavy sweating. The administered preparation Botoulotoxin blocks the nerve impulses that command sweat glands. The secretion of the secret stops.
  • Mesotherapy of face, body, hair. Mesotherapy effectively eliminates sagging of the skin, oiliness and rashes, age-related changes and loss of elasticity. The procedure is performed on the face, body and hair. Wrinkles are smoothed out on the face, cellulite is removed on the body, and hair condition and growth rate are improved, hair loss is slowed down.
  • Biorevitalization of hyaluronic acid. Injections of hyaluronic acid restore metabolic processes, improve skin elasticity and elasticity, and moisturise tissues for a long time.

Aesthetic cosmetology is also developed in Belarus. Services are in demand:

  • cosmetic care. The procedure consists in cleaning the skin, removing blackheads, black dots, increasing skin tone and elasticity, lifting procedure;
  • rehabilitation after plastic surgeries. The complex of procedures is aimed at reducing the undesirable consequences after surgery: swelling, haematoma, scars, sensory disorders;
  • treatment of acne. Cosmetologists in Minsk successfully eliminate acne - acne - with the help of laser, ultrasonic, vacuum cleaning, the introduction of drugs, phototherapy;
  • peeling. This cosmetological service relieves from dead tissues and updates the dermis, giving it a healthy groomed look.
  • facial cleansing. Cleaning refreshes the skin, cleans it from toxins, harmful substances, prevents the development of wrinkles and faded skin. Cleaning is carried out even in deep layers of the epidermis, eliminating grease blockages and making the subsequent use of cosmetics more effective.

Foreigners most often use services in hardware cosmetology:

  • microdermabrasion. Gentle removal of dead cells without damaging the living through the use of nozzles with microscopic crystals.
  • Phototherapy. The light module reproduced by Lumenis M22 fights acne, pigmentation, age-related skin changes and fat content.
  • Photorejuvenation. With the help of IPL photorejuvenation restore elasticity, elasticity, remove pigmentation, dilated pores and vascular stars.
  • Photographic laser rejuvenation. The laser fights skin fading, tone reduction and pigmentation of the skin.
  • Laser hair removal. Hair follicles are affected by the light flux of a certain wavelength, so it is destroyed, and the nearby tissues remain intact. The procedure is painless and allows you to get rid of vegetation in any part of the body in a few sessions.
  • Treatment of vascular stars. The device, which combines a light module and neodymium laser, successfully eliminates the vascular mesh.
  • Removal of strings, stretch marks, scars. Cosmetologists of Minsk remove stretch marks and scars by laser of new generation, which copes with skin deformations of any complexity and does not affect healthy tissues.
  • Treatment of pigment spots. A special laser destroys melanin accumulations and healthy tissues are not affected.
  • Treatment of vein dilation and removal of varicose veins. The neodymium laser and light module fight both small vascular nets and varicose veins.

How to get to a cosmetology clinic in Belarus

We offer our services in organizing cosmetology, medical and entertainment services in Belarus. We do not make markups on the services of clinics and centers - you pay everything to the cash desk of the medical institution according to their price list.

Write or call us and How we help you

  • We will find you a proven and inexpensive clinic,
  • we'll give you legal advice,
  • book vouchers for doctors and beauticians,
  • book a place to live;
  • We organize transfer and excursion program (if desired. Transfer and tickets for excursion are paid separately).

All you have to do is come to Belarus and enjoy rest, treatment and recovery in our hospitable country of blue lakes.

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