Spine osteochondrosis

Spine osteochondrosis rehabilitation program (including postoperative treatment)

The rehabilitation program is designed for:

  • Increase of physical activity, restoration of physical efficiency,
  • Buying pain syndrome,
  • Improve the psychoemotional status of the patient,
  • Increased spine mobility,
  • Adaptation to domestic and industrial loads,
  • Improvements in quality of life.

Basic components of the program

  • 1. Assessment of the clinical status of the patient:
    • Consultation with a neurologist,
    • Rehabilitologist,
    • Physiotherapist,
    • Psychotherapist, according to the evidence.
  • 2. Assessment of the functional state of the patient:
    • Performing of general clinical laboratory tests (OAC, OAM, blood chemistry, coagulation),
    • Electrocardiographic examination.
  • 3. Physical rehabilitation:
    • Course of medical gymnastics with dosed physical activity,
    • Mechanotherapy,
    • Hydrokinesiotherapy in the pool,
    • Hardware massage,
    • Physiotherapy (SMT-therapy, darsonvalization, phonophoresis, laser therapy,
    • Magnetotherapy, "bioptron" therapy).
    • 4. Psychological rehabilitation:
    • Psychological adaptation, increasing tolerance to psycho-emotional stress,
    • Overcoming or mitigating the psychological disorders that have arisen.
  • 5. Complex medical treatment

The program is indicative, final installed after examination of the patient and study of the presented medical records. Rehabilitation course 12 - 18 days; procedures are performed daily or after a day.

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